Rīgas Porcelāna Muzejs
The Riga Porcelain Museum preserves more than 6800 articles in its collection.

The core of the collection consists of 6383 articles which in the year 2001 were taken over by the city after the closure of the museum of the joint stock company ”Rīgas Porcelāns”. The greatest part of this collection are articles which were manufactured at the Riga Porcelain Factory from the 1950s to 90s thus giving a more or less complete idea of the serial porcelain ware design of the time , which is represented by numerous services. The collection of Kuznetsov's and Jessen's porcelain ware is not so rich and therefore one of the priorities of the museum is to make new acquisitions in future to supplement this part of the collection.

Jessen's porcelain factory articles donated by Andris Šulcs

In the year 2005 the art collector Andris Šulcs donated to the museum his private collection – figurines, dozes for spices and decorative plates manufactured at the Jessen's factory. Thanks to his donation it was possible to supplement and extend the permanent display.

Artworks by Zina Ulste

The artist Zina Ulste dedicated her whole life to porcelain. After the graduation from the Academy of Art of Latvia in 1953 she started to work as a chief artist at the Riga Porcelain Factory and held this post until the closure of the factory in 1997. Alongside design of serial services she has created numerous original artworks for exhibitions and executed significant commissions. In 2001 the artist donated her artworks to the museum and now the museum can boast the most complete collection of artworks by Zina Ulste. Of special interest is a decorative vase” The Song Festival”, which was fashioned in 1973, though finally completed only after 30 years – in 2003.

Artwoks by Pēteris Martinsons

Pēteris Martinsons (1931) is an artist whose name is equally familiar on the world scale, as well as in Latvia. Each exhibition of the artist's works is a special event and his activities in the field of porcelain now and again prove the universal truth that contemporary art has no strict borderlines, also in the choice of materials and means of expression. During recent decades Pēteris Martinsons is working predominantly in porcelain. The artist donated to the museum a collection of private character. These works, including “Rockets”, “The Sad Composition” and “Craters” from the series “The Organized Coincidences” ,fashioned at the Poltav Porcelain Plant (Ukraine), were exhibited in 1981 in his solo show in the Museum of Foreign Art in Riga.

Collection of contemporary porcelain

The collection is in the state of forming. It holds artworks of several Latvian and foreign porcelain artists. Of special significance is the donation which the museum received after the exhibition “World Clay” organized during the 42nd Assembly of the Geneva International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) in Riga. Several artists -great celebrities in the field – expressed their wish to donate their artworks to the Riga Porcelain Museum and the museum was grateful to receive 13 artworks.

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